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The fishing village of Union Hall is situated approximately 74km south of Cork city in a sheltered corner of Glandore Harbour amidst the spectacular scenery of the West Cork coastline. Framed by a unique one-lane bridge, its quaintness and charm have been recognised by artists through the years. In the early 1700s it was lauded by the great patriot, Dean of Ireland, Jonathan Swift. More recently, it was chosen by the film maker, Sir David Puttnam, as the main venue for one of his films, “War of the Buttons”.MORE INFORMATION HERE;;
Your visit to Union Hall will uncover a remarkably Irish village with roots steeped in history, a great part of that history is connected with the sea and Union Hall is now a prime fishing port catering for both the professional fisherman and the angling enthusiast.

Surrounding townlands are rural, with many scenic choices ranging from a leisurely stroll along the causeway to more serious hiking and cycling over country roads bordered by meadows, woods and sea cliffs. We even have our own Faerie Forest nearby. Its rugged coastline has numerous coves and inlets for swimming and boating, plus islands for exploration. Life can be as hectic or as calm as you choose. Facilities include a great supermarket, post office, fish shop and a variety of pubs and eateries.

What makes this village special however, is its wonderful sense of community and its welcome and inclusiveness for all its visitors, many who return year after year bringing second and third generation family members back to share their experiences. We wish everyone an enjoyable and memorable visit to our special place.

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